Hannah Bishop & Annacotty

A very special Ex-Race Horse with Kissing Spine

Annacotty, winner at Cheltenham, has had an incredible career to date; but it's not over yet!

This incredible horse turns his hoof to everything. Showjumping, Hunting, ROR and now even trying Side Saddle. This would be an achievement for any horse but Annacotty is slightly different, he has Kissing Spine.

His trainer, Hannah Bishop, is committed to ensuring he is always comfortable under saddle. He now rides in Equitex for all his work and Hannah feels he's never gone better. The shock absorbing feature of the pad is an additional protection for him. No tail swishing and performing better than ever.

Watch the video!

Millie McBride & Digby

Young and Senstive

Millie has a new boy in town. He's young, sensitive and talented. As a dressage trainer, she knows only too well that to bring on a young horse you need to give them the right environment. She is delighted with how Equitex provides the saddle with additional support and ensures that this young horse has the freedom of movement to ensure he can build his muscle correctly.

With the pad, she has reported that he's less sensitive and able to focus better on his training.

Lisa Keys & Lewis

Homebred and Talented

Lewis doesn’t look hard to saddle fit but actually he has a very wide shoulder .

Lisa said his current saddle is the best they have been able to find so far and the fitter is out again next week. However, Lewis is constantly changing shape so the challenge continues. The saddle is Close Contact so we tried an Equitex Half Pad to retain the feel. Lisa said: "Lewis is a little horse but with very big moving shoulders, although his saddle fits great I still struggle with it moving while I jump him. Over the last two weeks I have been riding him with Equitex by and have been very impressed. For the first time ever I didn’t have to move my saddle between classes 👍 Can’t recommend enough!!"​

Miri Hackett & Alfie

I'm only 3 and it's My First Week Under Saddle

Newly backed and sensitive, this gorgeous Gipsy Cob has such big movement his temporary saddle was rocking, which was very unnerving for him.
As he is short coupled and still a little bum high, we tried the European Dressage pad.

RESULT: Miri Hackett (Trainer) said "Equitex gives you a different feeling - like you're sat around your horse, not on him. He's been naturally quite reactive. For example when I touched him behind the saddle he can be a bit worried and sensitive - . With the pad I can be sure that it’s not the saddle causing any tension and work him accordingly to help him feel more relaxed. Had the saddle stayed moving this wouldn’t have been possible. Now he's settled and that because the saddle is so stable."

Millie O'Sullivan & Dolly

Sometimes.....even Equitex can't made your day go well!

This cheeky Haflinger, known for her dramatic moves, gave the Equitex pad a thorough test. Even in extreme conditions, the saddle didn't move. Millie was delighted by the added comfort it provided whilst in the saddle....just wish we'd brought a spare to break the landing.

Millie - you're a great sport!

Sally Barr & Toby

A Big Beautiful Back

This stunning Irish Draft has a typically wide and flat back for the bred. Sally has brought him over to England shortly after his great success at the Dublin show 2019.

Although he has a beautiful Wow saddle that's a great fit, it was still slipping slightly in canter.

We tried the Equitex Close Contact saddle pad and it did it's job. Nothing moved and the rider was delighted with the additional comfort provided by the pad. We'll be looking out for Toby as a future HOYS prospect.

Alice Archer & Bella

Sensitive and Reactive - Rescued from Face Book

CHALLENGE: Bella was very reactive when tacked up and incredibly cold backed. She has been known to bronc around the yard with or without a rider once tacked up. Alice was previously using a cotton saddle pad with a hard foam half-pad on top.

Bella’s saddle is a good fit for her so issues there. Before Alice rides she tacks up, then rugs back up for 5 minutes then lunges for 10 minutes and then rides.

RESULT: Tacked up and mounted within 5 minutes – no lunging or rugging up Bella was much less reactive in Equitex and Alice was delighted.

Alice said "Straight away she completely and utterly relaxed, not at all tense. I can feel the difference in the saddle, feel like I’m sat on a cloud, far more comfortable for us both!".

Laura Lilly & Chief

Cold Backed - Retrained Race Horse

After his racing career, Chief retired and was put in a field as a companion. He'd been there 2 years when Laura was offered him. She took him straight from the field and out on a hack and never looked back. He is a very gentle horse but sensitive on the back and around his girth area. Cold backed and Laura usually has to warm him up for quite some time.

RESULT: Laura said "Usually he tends to ride very stiff from the off, like a camel – shallow backed, head in the air. today he feels amazing – he came out as if he’d already been worked in for 10 mins".

Sophie MacKenzie-Shaw & Marnie

Comfort & Security

Sophie is a riding instructor and has a new partnership with her 4 year old Oldenburg mare. The previous week before we met, Marnie's lovely saddle had slipped during training and being so young she had a big reaction. Sophie suffers with Fibromyalgia, a condition which causes pain across the body. She has to feel comfortable in the saddle, and most of all safe and secure.

Sophie was blow away by the feeling of Equitex whilst riding, she was much more comfortable and Marie's saddle fitted perfectly. They haven't looked back since and are going from strength to strength! The Equitex pad will give Marnie the freedom of movement to develop her muscle as they continue their training.

Grace Pyne & Ron

No Time for Tack Fail

Grace's new pony is an very experienced show jumper but has been out of full work for a while. She has the challenge of bringing her back to form and starting a new partnership.
Whilst at a recent jump clinic at TSPC Head Quarters, her saddle was slipping which was very frustrating for Grace as she didn't want to miss a moment of the fun.

We quickly swapped her saddle pad for Equitex and the day was saved!!!

These two are going to be one to watch out for at the next NSEA competition.

Penny & Morgan

A Terrific Team

Penny is fearless and Morgan is brave!

Morgan is getting on a little now but that doesn't slow him down. He has lost a little condition behind the withers so Penny was using a memory foam half pad. However, this was too hard for Morgan and was causing pressure lumps. He is now wearing his Equitex Half Pad and he's never been more comfortable.

Can be seen out competing most weekends - catch them if you can!