Shetland All Purpose


Shetland All Purpose

It’s notoriously challenging to achieve a good fit with a saddle for a Shetland pony.  The developer of Equitex saddle pads is only too aware of this having 2 shetlands of his own.

The Equitex saddle pad helps to secure the saddle and prevent rolling.  At the same time, it provides excellent back protection for the pony.

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All Equitex Saddle Pads are handcrafted in Italy using advanced technical fabrics to provide the ultimate in protection and performance with exceptional comfort.

Made from layers of breathable materials with soft, cushioning high-tech foam, Equitex Saddle Pads benefit both the rider and the horse thanks to the shock absorbing properties and expert design.

  • Offers support without bulk
  • Shock absorbing
  • Eliminates pressure
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adapts to your horse’s shape

Made from TECHVELVET: 

Soft to touch, yet hard-wearing and durable TECHVELVET is used on all Equitex Saddle Pads because of its exceptional qualities:

–    Breathable and comfortable on the skin

–    Dense fibre weave means that unlike Gel-Pads, it moves with the horse with no friction, protecting the horses coat and preventing hair breakage

–    Sweat absorbing, lifting moisture away from the horse’s skin

–    Unbelievably hardwearing and robust

–    Quick drying

–    Easy to clean

–    Stylish and tactile

Features & Benefits: 

No Bulk: Equitex Saddle Pads are made from carefully sourced materials with the specialist properties to perfectly adapt to the horse without increasing the bulk beneath the saddle. The integrity of our materials provide a cushioning effect but will not indent in the way that memory foam does. Once the pressure is released as the horse moves, the foam core immediately returns to its original shape.

Integrated Rubber Grips:  the innovative circular-designed rubber grips on both sides of the saddle pad ensures that the pad stays in place with no need for straps or Velcro tabs.

Breathable high tech foam cushioning: we use an advanced technical foam to prevent heat build-up, even in extreme conditions.

Shock absorption: the integrated high tech foam cushioning provides outstanding shock absorption for both horse and rider but importantly doesn’t increase bulk under the saddle.

Handcrafted with exceptional workmanship:  unlike regular cushioned saddle pads we use a specialist method for fully incorporating the foam interior layer to the external material, ensuring it’s consistently attached throughout with no separation or puckering which can cause discomfort to your horse.

Adaptable Fit:  Equitex Saddle Pads are made from carefully sourced materials with the specialist properties to perfectly adapt to the horse without increasing the bulk beneath the saddle. The saddle pad design ensures a well-fitting saddle has a superb fit every time, regardless of fluctuation in the horse’s shape through season changes and levels of work.  In addition, because Equitex doesn’t create pressure between the saddle and the muscle, it can support muscle growth as you work.

Eliminates Saddle Pressure: The integrated cushioning foam core evens out saddle pressure points, as it’s one entire piece with no breaks. The saddle pad adapts to the horse’s back like a second skin and ensures even weight distribution throughout.

Eliminates Spine Pressure: The unique design of the Equitex Ridge ensures that the saddle pad always sits 5cm clear of the horse’s spine to eliminates spine pressure and allow air flow.

No Seams: Expertly crafted with no seams that touch the horse not only ensures a comfortable fit but there’s also no hair breakage through rubbing and it’s much easier to keep clean.

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Emerald, Onyx, Chocolate, Biscuit, Sapphire, Ruby

Fitting Guidance

Equitex Saddle Pads are designed to be used in direct contact with the horse. We don't recommend you put anything underneath the pad as this will prevent your horse from benefiting fully from all the features of the pad.

Care of your Saddle Pad

Equitex saddle pads are extremely easy to care for. There’s no need to wash them after every use. Just leave to dry and simply clean with a soft brush.
After frequent use, the saddle pad can be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 °C and stays in shape even after many washings. Quick dry at room temperature in approximately 2 hours. DO NOT tumble dry.


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