How do I fit my Pad?

One of the many exceptional features of the pad is that it just doesn’t slip.  The TechVelvet and the Rubber Grips work together to move with your horse and doesn’t displace your saddle.   Fit your saddle and pad into the perfect position and that’s where it will stay.

How high should I fit it?

The Equitex Ridge of the pad will naturally sit 5cm above the horses’ spine.  This allows for airflow and ensures there is no pressure on the spine.  When you fit your saddle pad, ensure it is placed centre of the saddle and sitting slightly raised front and back.

Can I have a fitting?

If you are within 1 hour of our offices in Hertfordshire, we would be very happy to come and fit a pad for you, especially if you have issues with your horse that could require a Correctional Pad and you aren’t sure what you need.  To arrange a fitting, please contact us on 07973 791 504.

How do I care for my pad?

The Equitex saddle pad is incredibly easy to care for.

After use, leave to air dry and then brush the underside with a soft brush to remove salt and any hairs that remain.  You will notice that, because there are no seams that come in contact with your horse, there is very little transfer of grease.  You mainly get residual salt from sweating.  If worn 5 days a week, washing once a week should be plenty, but of course it’s entirely up to you. 

Machine Wash at 40 degrees with normal washing detergent.  Don’t use fabric conditioner and DO NOT tumble try.  Your Equitex Saddle Pad will dry in about 2 hours at room temperature.

How will it wear?

The Equitex Saddle Pad is designed to be used every day and may show natural creases and signs of wear after frequent use.  Rest assured that this ‘lived in look’ will not impact on the integrity of the pad.

Do you do Clinics?

Yes, we will do saddle pad fitting clinics for groups of 4 or more within 1.5 hours of our offices in Hertfordshire.

Can I Order a White Competition Pad?

The Diamond competition saddle pads will be available at the Equitex Launch at Olympia the London International Horse Show in December 2019 and for sale thereafter – we look forward to seeing you then.

Can I embroider or add logos to my Saddle Pad?

Should you wish to add badges or embroidery to your pad after purchase, this can be done with Equitex saddle pads but it’s not a service we offer.  However, for large bulk orders of 20 pads or more, we can add logos during production.  This provides a wonderful finish as the logos are applied to the top velvet layer only and so it doesn’t show through on the underside, retaining the full integrity of the saddle pad.  Prices available on request.

Why don’t you do Matchy/Matchy?

Although the Equitex saddle pad looks and feels incredible, its principal purpose is not as a fashion item.  First and foremost it is for the health and well-being of you and your horse.  We focus on design and purpose and for now, only produce saddle pads.

How are Equitex Saddle Pads Made?

All Equitex saddle pads are handcrafted in Italy using advanced technical fabrics to provide the ultimate in protection and performance with exceptional comfort.

Made from layers of breathable materials with soft, cushioning high-tech foam, Equitex Saddle Pads benefit both the rider and the horse thanks to the shock absorbing properties and expert design.

  • Offers support without bulk
  • Shock absorbing
  • Eliminates pressure
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adapts to your horse’s shape

What is TechVelvet and What Does it Do?

Soft to touch, yet hard-wearing and durable TECHVELVET is used on all Equitex Saddle Pads because of its exceptional qualities:

–    Breathable and comfortable on the skin

–    Dense fibre weave means that unlike Gel-Pads, it moves with the horse with no friction, protecting the horses’ coat and preventing hair breakage

–    Sweat absorbing, lifting moisture away from the horse’s skin

–    Unbelievably hardwearing and robust

–    Quick drying

–    Easy to clean

Can you offer any other material?

We can also do all the pads in either AirTech or a Tweed fabric.  These pads have TechVelvet on the underside.  These are available to view on our Italian website and can be ordered in the UK as a special order.  Visit www.Equitex.it to view and call our UK number to discuss your needs.